It’s About Boundaries

Veda Prajvalan
Apr 23, 2021

…setting them, communicating them…seeing who plows over them
who tries to be intimidating and proves to be toxic?
who is dark and to be illuminated or repelled?
by your own brilliant shining light

notice others that are shining
those that love and uplift
that encourage and celebrate
that respect your boundaries
honor your communication

it always starts and ends with you
the shadows are nothing but smoke and mirrors
seek the substance in yourself
and recognize it in others

do your best to hold space for those who can’t yet
realize it in themselves

don’t let others toxicity and darkness smudge your light
— burn right through it

Much love and light!

boundaries light shadow



Veda Prajvalan

Intuitive Change Agent, Lifelong Learner, Observer, Writer, Photographer