Let Go of Things That Make You Doubt Yourself

I’m all for healthy introspection, and by nature, pretty analytical and strategic. But for me, overdoing it can lead to self-sabotage by delaying timely and relevant action and, at times, feeding self-doubt.

Also, the “things” that may contribute to self-doubt may be other people. While I appreciate being challenged and considering alternate or expanded viewpoints, when I’ve found that I’m interacting with someone condescending or invalidating, I’ve had to be more vigilant to dismiss and let go of what they are sending out that doesn’t fit for me.

So whether the source is internal or external, learning to let go of things that are not contributing to my success, goals or well-being has been a huge help. Identifying where I might be expending energy explaining or defending myself to those who are unlikely to “get” me has been an important first step. Then choosing instead to divest as may be needed, so as not to engage in an oppositional dynamic, protects my energy. This frees me to focus on people and systems that affirm and support my current expression and the direction in which I want to move. And it has the bonus effect of building my confidence and getting me where I’m intending to go much faster, rather than fueling self-doubt.

As I branch into new areas, some insecurity and doubt seem likely to crop up as, admittedly, there is more that I don’t know than I do. Yet even in these situations, we can affirm for ourselves previous times we succeeded and learned and grew and build confidence while letting go of that which makes us doubt. Focusing on how many times we’ve landed on our feet adds much more to our creativity, stability, and confidence than buying into ours or other's doubts.

So get out there and slay! And let the doubts roll off like water off a duck’s back — it has nothing to do with you and where you’re going.




Intuitive Change Agent, Lifelong Learner, Observer, Writer, Photographer

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Veda Prajvalan

Veda Prajvalan

Intuitive Change Agent, Lifelong Learner, Observer, Writer, Photographer

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