Our task is not to seek love, but to find all the barriers we have built against it within ourselves. — Rumi

It never ceases to amaze me when love is rejected. Though I understand so many suffer from feelings of unworthiness, past trauma that makes them fearful or distrustful, and closed or constricted hearts for a multitude of reasons, it is such a basic human need that when offered it comes as a surprise when not welcomed and received. Why would they not, as Hafiz advised, “Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive”?

Some people open right up to love shown and experience energy and growth, like soaking in the sun’s rays. Others flee or hide like they’re being burned by the warmth or brightness. The intensity of the reaction, either way, is telling.

As I’ve coached people on being better about showing themselves love and setting better boundaries, I’ve also worked with them on being more open recipients of love in general. Seeing themselves as worthy and openly receiving the love they find, not only makes them happier and healthier in the short-term, but enables them to grow their capacity to show love to others. And as love is the healing agent our world desperately needs right now, I can think of no pursuit more worthy.

Another great passage by Hafiz on this I’d like to share is:

I agree wholeheartedly and hope everyone aspires to this, to be a source of love for others. I would just add not to be surprised that while the world may be dying for love, the reaction to it once offered may not be as you’d expect. If someone rejects the love you show them, realize it is often due to issues they have around their own worthiness and/or past trauma and don’t let it deter you from growing in your capacity and demonstration of an open heart.

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