Right Where I Should Be

Veda Prajvalan
2 min readApr 14, 2021

I heard the most angelic voice singing this affirmation tonight.

I am right where I should be
So madly in love with me
Abundant and open to receive

It’s the place I hope to help everyone I encounter arrive at and it had me moved reflecting on what a journey it’s been for me. I used it as a sound for a TikTok so you can hear it if you check there @veda_prajvalan. I keep hearing my story is important to share and there are those who are waiting to be helped by it.

Those who have experienced deep and painful rejection (possibly bullying or abuse) for simply being themselves (particularly from parents), those who may have internalized shame for being “sensitive” (empath, HSP, ADHD), and who may have suffered depression and/or addiction as a result of having to mask their true selves or numb pain. Those who’ve reached the point of not wanting to carry on, but instead are still here, looking for ways to heal and reinvent themselves.

I have walked that road and have great empathy and compassion. I have dedicated myself to my growth and healing and picked up a lot of great tools and insights along the way as well as heaps of resilience (and dropped a TON of what no longer served me). With deep gratitude, I have reached a place of tremendous love and respect for myself and my journey. I have healed my spirituality and feel a sense of peace and faith in life’s unfolding. I live a life of tremendous balance as compared to the chaos I came out of. I am honored to help others and ease their journey in some way.

The timing was perfect for this message to come through to me as I can feel impatient with my progress at times. I always have numerous projects going and I like it that way. But then my timelines have to be flexed.

I did get my new logo to add to my platforms when I figure the tech pieces out. And I have an illustrator working on what I need for my children’s book — so yay! progress!

If you’ve somehow found my writing and it resonates for you or someone you know, please reach out and connect — here, FB or TikTok (haven't taken on IG yet as part of my technical expansion…). I’d love to hear from you. Peace and Love.



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