Who else enjoys listening to certain music on repeat? I have many favorites. The current top two are, for energy, walking and dancing — Monsoon Malabar (Bombay Dub Orchestra) and for meditation — Aad Guray Nameh (Snatam Kaur). As the music saturates me and my space I feel transported.

When I used to listen more frequently to worry and negativity on repeat I had a much different experience. I might even choose a sad soundtrack (lol). Or when I was young growing up in a cultish religious community there was a lot of rules and precepts and scripture on repeat. It’s funny now but I spent a lot of time miserable that I really didn’t need to. Really owning that I have a choice on what to focus my energy has been a very liberating practice and greatly increased my peace and joy as I attend to it.

Learning to exercise that choice consistently has been a process at times. Especially during a rash of negative events — like 2020. For me the most reliable tools have been: acting “as if”, thought-stopping and redirecting focus (particularly engaging the senses with beauty, sound and aromatherapy). I will at first note the concern, what my feelings are around it and what, if anything, can be done about it at the moment. It’s then easier to choose what is next and move in a positive direction.

Wherever anyone is at with that I always recommend just to start. I stumbled over perfectionism and procrastination for a long time delaying the start of many healing practices as well as ambitions. Thankfully I’ve been finding ways to step over those blocks instead. There’s so much carryover to other areas of life and every enriching practice gets steadily easier, gaining momentum over time. Customizing them to your preferences is a fun discovery process when dabbling is encouraged.

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