Talk is Cheap and Texts are Cheaper

Veda Prajvalan
2 min readSep 25, 2021

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live them. - John F. Kennedy

I’ve always considered myself a person of action; “show don’t tell” is one of my mottos. Of course, I like words of encouragement and affection, or conviction and intention. Words do a lot for me, actually, but without action to back it up, it’s just make-believe.

In these recent times, with so much trauma escalating around the world on every possible front, action has taken on a new urgency for me. The knowledge that the next week or month or year is not promised has become more pervasive and immediate. I’m on the lookout, even more than usual, for where I can make an impact, speak my truth, and deeply appreciate the moments I’m experiencing.

I’m also a bit edgier with less patience for bullshit and time/energy wasters. I used to give a lot more rope to those who would take advantage and hang themselves with it. I gave lots of chances, not because I didn’t see clearly what others were doing, but because I felt better being patient and giving numerous opportunities to choose right and well. These days I’m content to let them learn their lessons elsewhere and more protective of my energy for those who matter most.

I have a friend who went into hospice this week. I got a ticket to go see her and cook her favorite Russian dishes. No thought required. A visit to my parents is up next after that. I’ve started taking my 11-year old dog to work with me and make sure to get out with her every day.

When I lost a fiance in my early 30s it really taught me a lesson in staying current with others; to not hold back or wait to express love or affection, or offer a helping hand wherever possible, because you just never know if all the time you think will be there to do all the things you want will work out as you hope.

So call your loved ones, pass out your hugs, be present to those who matter. Stay rooted in love, go on a media diet (for goodness sake), take bold action, and speak your truth. Remember that now is all we have and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so make the most of it.



Veda Prajvalan

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